̈Nouvelle France ̈
I met this hotel at the end of last year, in the 11th arrondissement... between Bastille and Voltaire
"In that hotel... The people.. sick to the head," Andrej told me. 
One night, intuition guided me inside and I could see how vulnerable people have to adapt to the decline of life, the lack of attention and the carelessness that comes after investing the present in navigating the labyrinth of one's own head... 
I recognized myself, came back to stay
Wrapped in a physically terrifying panorama and impregnated with an intense aroma was that I began to connect with the people who live there.
First encounters that became nights of repetition, the feeling of confidence and tranquility.
People with deep eyes, wounded souls adapting to survive in a space of vices and decadence.
Indecent housing is too cramped, poorly equipped and unhygienic. incompatible with human dignity.

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